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Kamen Iliev

Success in life is not always measured in how many things you own or the size of your bank account. It is having the freedom to choose and waking up with a smile on your face because you know the day is going to be an adventure. The world is forever changing, so we need to learn to flow with it, adapt to its beauty, and find our place in it.

In his books, Kamen shares his strategies for personal growth and development as well as offers practical advice on how to achieve the lifestyle we truly desire for ourselves. He focuses deeply on the internal psychological processes that govern our habits and how we interact with each other through our physiology.

When not writing, Kamen's interests and activities include martial arts, motorcycle racing, managing 2 separate trade companies and learning to fly as a fixed-wing aircraft pilot. For the past 6 years, Kamen has been professionally involved in the international trade of aviation components and equipment. He has closed many high profile deals with private airliners and government operators. This allows him to have a direct view and experience-based opinions on international sales and puts him in a position to provide adequate advice and guidance on corporate interaction and communication.

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Ina Vega

To create ourselves is the biggest and most valuable project we can devote our time to. Personal growth is a mission that requires daily effort and contribution. Every hour we spend on self-improvement will benefit us a hundred times more in the future. Time is our most valuable resource which we have and every hour can add value to our life or rob us of our opportunity. It all goes down to how we use it.

Ina Vega is an expert in nonverbal communication, public speaking, business etiquette ,and has a Master's Degree in Rhetoric and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The main focus of her work is on the social dynamics in today's modern society and mental health issues.

When not writing Ina is actively involved in organizing charity events for orphans, and runs her own video blog dedicated to self-development. http://www.inaina.top

Ina is very devoted to her healthy lifestyle which incorporates bodyweight training, snowboarding, and paleo cooking.

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